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Floor Sanding

Every job includes sanding the timber floor, punching and filling the nail holes with a similar coloured wood-filler, then fine-sanding the floor ready to coat.

I can sand around 15-20m2 per day with most floors requiring 4 different cuts of sandpaper.

I can fix split boards, pipe holes and broken boards in small area's but any large board repairs will require a builder.

Bona Traffic Water-based Polyurethane

The coating process consists of 4 coats ie. 1 coat of sealer and 3 top coats of polyurethane.

The sealer takes about 2-3 hours to dry for light foot traffic and the top coats take around 5-6 hours to dry depending on the temperature of the area. This means that if a coat is applied each morning, you will be able to lightly walk across your floor by 4-5pm each evening.

The polyurethane will take 12 hours to fully cure so your furniture can be replaced the day after the last coat has been applied.

Please read the Care & Tips page to avoid damaging your new floor!!!

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